• $129.99

A trio of precision placed inner foams - K-329 Sponge Comfort Foam, BL05S High Density Impact Absorbing Foam and S-2 Latex Low Density Protection Foam - creates the most intense, awe-inspiring, protective and powerful bag gloves in the world. The new phenomenon in heavy bag and light bag training gloves with exclusive Tri-Tech® design and incorporation. The unsurpassed comfort, coverage and power are unparalleled. Discover the revolutionary Elasti-Lok cuff with full wraparound hook-and-loop strap for all the security and wrist support serious athletes demand during intense heavy bag and light bag training. Exclusive hi-res Fighting strategic configured engineered leather cover delivers all the flash, style, pizazz and performance elite fighters mandate. Complete with a moisture-wicking inside hand liner to help reduce perspiration and help provide a cool, dry workout.