Fitness Boxing Contender:

So, you are starting to become a regular at the gym now. The front desk personal knows your name before you scan your gym card, and even the trainers call you out in class when you are slacking off.  Your wraps and gloves are probably starting to stink a little by To me, that sounds like you are an FBC (Fitness Boxing Contender.)

The gloves you see on this page has three benefits.

1) They have thicker padding: If you haven't noticed by now. Your hands probably hurt from hitting the bag or mitts too hard.  Basic gloves are good enough to give you an introduction to boxing, however, going consistently to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, will increase your power and confidence.  As result, your punches are getting better, but the low-end gloves do not have enough padding to support your power.  Now, you need to start looking for gloves that can reduce the pressure on your hands and knuckles.  The FBC gloves can do that for you.  


2) They last longer:   Some of the best gloves in the market are either all leather or are partially made with some leather in mind.  Does it make a difference? Yes!. I have noticed that cheap gloves, (when used over time.) have some sort of weird material inside that tends to move around and lose its shape over time.  Think of it like a pillow that gets lumpy over time. Same goes for cheap and low-quality gloves. With leather, it at least keeps its shape and protects your hands even longer. 

3) It's an investment: For example, a pair of gloves that cost you $130. You use those $130 gloves for three years.  That is $43 a year with a good quality glove. You cannot get that life expectancy from a low-quality boxing glove. If you do, then you are not punching with a boxing glove anymore, it's a lumpy