Fitness Boxing Champ:

All right, you are probably logging in 7 to 10 hours a week at the gym now. The front desk person has basically given you the keys to the gym. You honestly, do not care if your gear stinks anymore because of the constant work you are putting in. You have now moved up from the bag work, mitt work to sparring with your buddies in the gym. It sounds like to me, you are a (Fitness Boxing Champ)

These gloves have two benefits:

1). Perfect for cross-training: These gloves are great for bag classes, mitt work, and even some sparring with your mates in the gym. Buying higher-end gloves will give you the advantage of having an all purpose glove.  I mean, it better be right?  If we are spending more than $150 on a pair of

2). Great for heavy hitters: If you feel like you are a heavy hitter or; you are starting to notice that your knuckles are hurting from hitting the bag too hard. Then you need to do two things. Work on your technique and buy better gloves. All these gloves (except 12 oz gloves) provide ultimate protection for your heavy hands and decreases the pressure on your knuckles.

 3) Great for sparring:  If you are an FBCHAMP then you are probably thinking about doing some sparring with your buddies in the gym.  Most (wise, experienced and cares about your health.) coaches would encourage that you spar with heavier gloves to protect you and the other person in the ring.  Some of these gloves also have laces, which a lot of the amateur and pro fighters like to use.  The laces provide a tighter fit and feels more secure around your hands.; but the downside is that you need someone to help you lace them up.