Over the weekend, we had one of the best MMA fights go down in Las Vegas. Chris Cyborg vs Holly Holm. The fight was the headliner for a lot of other great matches, however, the anchor for Dec 30th, 2017, was Holm vs Cyborg.

What so cool to see, is that the women are getting paid for it!! I remember 10 years ago, (Pre Ronda). women only had 3-minute matches instead of the 5-minute matches like the men had. I also remember that even Dana White had said that, "There will never ever be woman's fighting in the UFC." Dana has later regretted that statement and admitted to being wrong after seeing the success and the rise of women MMA due to Ronda Rousey.

Fast forward to UFC 219 where Holy and Cyborg throwdown. Their paydays were probably the biggest of their careers and hopefully, setting the standard for what female fighters should get paid.

According to the Nevada State Athletics's Commission, Cyborg got a sweet payday of $500,000 and Holm also scooped up a solid $300,000 for the fight. I am so happy to see that women fighters are getting the recognition they deserve.


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