Where are the super stars of the UFC?

I remember a time when the UFC had a roster of super stars a couple of year ago. Fighters like Ronda Rousey, Misha Tate, Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, Anderson Silva, Chuck Lidell, Nick Diaz, Forest Griffin, and BJ Penn. Today it only seems that the UFC has Conor Mcgregor.

It was a lot easier back then to keep track of these fighters because the UFC was only doing one major event per month. Let's recap.

They also used to do monthly pay per view events around the world, UFC FIGHT NIGHT on Fox Sports 1 and lastly, UFC'S Fight Pass with the Contender series that only be seen on the ufc.com


Too much for me to keep up with...lol

With so many events, it's hard to shine the light on the next upcoming superstar like Conor Mcgregor. It's a known fact that not only do you have to know how to fight, but you also need to be good on the mic as well. It's almost like you need to take classes from WWE superstars and learn how to be the hero and the heal at the same time. That is why Mayweather is so dahm good at marketing himself and boxing.

Just like before and even today. The UFC has had some of the best fighters in the world, however, some of those fighters are not the best poster boys or girls like Ronda Rousey, Rampage Jackson, and Conor McGregor.

For example. former welterweight champion Robbie Lawyer is bad ass in the ring, but when it comes to media week. He only does it because it's part of the job. Next up is the first, and current flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson who's named keeps being thrown into the hat as the best ever. The problem is, is he's only 125 pounds and super tiny compared to the other champs in the organization. Not sure, whether it's his persona or the weight class, but it's clear that during his last face off to defend his title for the record breaking 11th time. No none cared for it..lol

Lastly, Nick and Nate Diaz. The brothers are known as the rebels of the organizations and only comply with marketing obligations when they have to. The Diaz Brothers are considered some of the best fighters to ever fight in the sport, but working with them in terms of marketing, is a nightmare. I think the UFC spends more money on security than they do on marketing to make sure the fight happens..lol

All the men above are by far some of the best fighters in the world; and if you are a true combat sports fan, you SHOULD know their names by now. But if you are a casual fan, then the only time you have ever heard of these names were probably when they were fighting a bigger name like Ronda Rousey and Conor Mcgregor.

For decades, boxers relied on the promoter to promote their fights, and that's just the way it was and still is today. But, things have changed over the years. We have social media now, and marketing is becoming more and more accessible for everyone to use. I truly believe that a promoter will only spend their resources and marketing budget on the few fighters who are making them money. As for the rest of the fighters, well you know how that goes. Get what you can!

The only reason why Conor got that fight with Mayweather is because of social media. As soon as people saw the potential of the fight, more and more people kept talking about it on social media. The UFC waasn't going to entertain that for sure. If it wasn't for Conor taking things into his own hands, then this fight would have never happened.

I hope that more fighter will open up their eyes and start spending just as much time marketing themselves as they are training. Because if now, you will be like Demetrious Johnson who has not never lost a fight and is about to make history by breaking Anderson Silvia's record and NO BODY CARES.....;(

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In the meantime, I hope to be writing about you and your million dollar fights.  I hope that you do not leave the fate of your career over some people who looks at numbers all day and never set foot in a ring before.  Make your own destiny!!


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