The whole reason why I started SIMPLEMITTS.COM is to cater to two different markets with two different needs.


The first market is for fitness boxing enthusiast who has a hard time knowing what type of boxing gloves to buy. I have been in the boxing and kickboxing industry for almost ten years now, and this question never seems to go away.

"Hey DeMarco, where and what type of gloves do you recommend that I get?"

As long as there are boxing, kickboxing, and MMA gym giving classes, this question will continue to come up. It's a legit question, because when I first bought my gloves, all I did was read the description, looked at the color and picked the most reasonable price.

Over the past thirty years, the concept of cardio/fitness/kickboxing and boxing classes has gotten more and more popular. As a by-product, more gyms are opening up and with it, comes an abundant supply of inventory to sell to their members. The members have no idea whether the gloves that they are buying are good or bad quality. So, are content with it and other would like to shop around.

With that in mind, I decided to build a store that will make it easy for anyone to shop for their first pair of gloves. Just like how other retailers make it easy to shop for athletic shoes, I would like to do the same for boxing and kickboxing equipment.

The other benefit is that it will also cater to people who have been doing boxing and kickboxing for a while. I call them Fitness Boxing Contenders (FBE). They are a little bit more experienced and can spot the good from the bad quality gloves. At SIMPLEMITTS, we also have equipment for people who are looking to take their skills to the next level.


The other clients that I am catering to are personal trainers and fitness professionals.
Over the years, I have seen many fitness professionals teach boxing and kickboxing to their clients as a form of cardio exercise.

Due to the popularity of these boxing and kickboxing gyms, fitness professionals at big box gyms are getting specialized training to better compete with those facilities. Like for example, kickboxing, TRX training, yoga and more.

Every time I am doing boxing and kickboxing training with a client. A college would always ask me to teach them some of the drills that I know. They see that my clients are engaged with me and are having a great time doing it. As a result, I make great money and generate referrals.

So I figured I would come out with a boxing and kickboxing programs to help fitness professionals on how to do these drills for their clients.

Trust: A client will be more excited to punch mitts with you, versus having them go on the treadmill for 15 minutes. At the end of the day, as a fitness professional, we are selling ourselves and what we have to offer. If you are doing the same thing like all the other trainers in the gym, then what is stopping them from shopping around for other trainers? But if you have something special to offer and you are the only one in your staff that can provide it, then it will be an easy sell, and your client will have a great time working with you.

In the meantime, the store is up and running to buy all your gear for boxing or training. If you have a hard time deciding what to buy, make sure to check out the SIMPLEMITTS STARTER KITS. The SIMPLEMITTS STARTKITS will have all the essential you need to get started.


As for the training videos for the fitness professionals. I am currently working on that now. I will have three levels for both boxing and the kickboxing. Make sure to sign up at SIMPLEMITTS.COM to get the pre-launch early bird special.

Until next time, keep pushing and never settle.


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