A few weeks ago, a UFC fighter by the name of Conor Mcgregor brought a lot of attention back into the boxing world. As much as the boxing critics did not like Conor, they really needed a face like that in the sport of boxing.

As sad as it sounds, fans are no longer interested nor do they know who are the current champs in boxing today. I am willing to bet that the only names they know are Mahumad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather.

So what happened?

There are several arguments out their why this is so. Like for example, the rise of MMA, no charismatic fighters to promote, and even the different belts form different sanctions that are floating around today.

For this article, I am going to talk about the different belts that we have in boxing today.

Back in the first quarter of the century, when we had a boxing champs, there was no doubt that that fighter was the undisputed champion of the world. Back in the 1920s to 1940s we really only had two sanctions that promoting these champions. They were The Ring and the WBA.

Now, of course, I'm not going to sit here and pretend that other smaller champions did not exist, because they did. for example, different countries in different continents will hold their own boxing matches and have their own national champions, but they all knew that there was one undisputed world champion in the world. and that was either the WBA or THE RING champion. (I think THE RING belt was more precious)
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Because of this very reason, there was no doubt that this fighter was the king of the crop, the best the best, the ultimate champion. As a result, it was easy for the papers to market these fighters because there was no doubt in anybody's mind that they were the best!

Fast forward now to the middle of the 1950's to 1990's and now five more boxing sanctions have been created. With these sanctions, came along with their own ranking of righters and a new set of championship belts. So basically, if you are a champion in one boxing sanction, then there are potentially three or four other champions out there.

A lot of people would argue that having these different sanctions with their own ranking and belts is what probably started the whole decline of the sport. Here's an example, could you name the current heavyweight champion of the world right now?

Answer: ?????

They're currently four heavyweight champions in the world.

Anthony Joshua: WBA & IBF Champ
Deontay Wilder: WBC champ
Joseph Parker: WBO Champ
Tyson Fury: The Ring Champ

You can argue that it's a great marketing plan to have champion versus champion, who will be the ultimate undisputed king. But this happens more than you think and you can't market that al the time.

There are a few exceptional fighters who been all-time greats, the best ever, and legendary without achieving all 4 or 5 belts. But you have to be an extraordinary athlete inside the ring and an even more amazing person outside the ring. Like Mohammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, and Mike Tyson

That can be a very opinionated reason why boxing has slowed down over the years, but having all these different belts are defiantly not helping. A lot of boxing fans would agree that the only body of people who are benefiting from these different belts are the organizations themselves. Some would even go so far as to saying that one sanction favors boxing promoter more and vice versa

I don't know man...lol. What do you guys think!!

Well if you're in the gym looking to be the next four or five time Champion of the world; don't forget your toolbox with your tools.


Keep pushing guys and don't stop grinding for your goals!!!

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