At the moment, everyone has all eyes on the super fight with Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather in a few days. To be real, that fight is more for status and money than for title contention. Either way, the hype for the fight is looking good, and I hope everyone gets their money's worth

Meanwhile, in the real world of boxing, on September 16th Canelo vs Golovkin will take place for the middle weight champion king.

If you are in the game of boxing and are aware who is still current and relevant, without a doubt, these two men are very very relevant to the sport of boxing. Both have impressive knockout power, and a lot of people are not expecting this one to go to the difference. Why? Unlike Mayweather who throws 50% to 60% punching power. Canelo and GGG hit like they want to murder

It is safe to say that both men are being supported by their respective countries and; I am willing to bet that both countries will have their tv's tuned in for this fight.

Between the two nations, I am willing to bet that Canelo will have the most supporters attend the match.

It is widely known that Mexico has had a long history of some of the best fighters ever to step into the ring. And whenever there is a Mexican fighter getting ready to take the stage, their country and its people have always been there to support them.

Mexico has had a long history of amazing fighters throughout the years of boxing. Fighters like..


Julio Cesar Chavez sr
Juan Marquez
Oscar De La Hoya

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In the meantime, who do you got for this awesome figth??

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