So, over the weekend. The world had the chance to witness the super fight with Mcgregor vs Mayweather. We all know that the fight surpassed, pay per view numbers, gate numbers and probably the highest pay day for a fighter.

Right after the fight, The comical commentator Snoop Dog for the UFC FIGHT PASS had a lot of words for Conor after his loss to Mayweather. You can check out his Instagram page and see his post fight comments about the fight. Honestly, I do not know if he was high or

Check out the video here:

After the video went viral, many UFC fighters and fans are upset at Snoop for his comments to Conor. I think this was the last straw for the fans; because it all started when the UFC fired Mike Goldberg as a longtime commentator with Joe Rogan.
Then weeks later, THE UFC (Or the owners of UFC) hired Snoop dog to be a comical commentator with former champ Urijah Faber on the UFC FIGHT PASS.

So, if you are watching a pay per view fight, you will not hear Snoop giving his expert fight IQ commentating advice. Instead, you would need to be a paid subscriber to get that bonus feature at UFC FIGHT PASS.

I like Snoop as an entertainer, but I am sold on him as a fight commentator for the UFC. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who feels this way. But for the moment, I am sure the UFC is not making this their top priority because they have a lot more pressing issues to deal with. Some for example....

The John Jone drug test results, a new contract with the current heavy weight champ Stipe Miocic, the return of GSP, and I am sure there are more pressing issues that the UFC and company care to mention.

What do guys think? Should the UFC keep Snoop on or off the commentating business?

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