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I am sure you have seen some of these gyms in your area or on social media. Have you guys been to one yet? Well, the new year is almost upon us and pretty soon, we will be shopping around for gyms. I just wanted to take the time and talk about some of these gyms to see if they are a good fit for you guys.

For the record, I have first-hand experience in these gyms. I have either worked for some of them or: I have gone as a member to workout. Also, I am not being paid by any of the gyms to talk about them, however, if you want to donate, hit me up ;)-

Over the last couple years, the fad of boxing and kickboxing has blown up all over the country. The gyms listed above, provide a high-intensity group class workout for both genders and ages. The group classes are in the form of boxing and kickboxing and are usually ran by one instructor. Basically, all the glam of hitting a bag without getting

All the classes are group style and some gyms do offer personal training and access to the gym itself. You pay a monthly fee to become a member to have access to their classes and their facility.

Let me answer some of the most common questions:

Who is the gym for?

Right off the bat, I will tell you that if you are looking for a gym to learn how to fight, defend and eventually compete in the ring or cage. Then, these types of gyms may not be for you. For the most part, the gyms do a great job in hiring people in the fighting and fitness industry to run the classes. However, their sole purpose is to provide a great fitness workout not make you into Mike Tyson.


Will you learn anything?

Yes, the trainers they hire are experienced and well trained in either fitness or fighting. I think in terms of the basics and maybe some intermediate level fighting, you can learn that. But in order to get that, You will have to invest in some Personal Training. Why? Because all of these gyms provide group classes, there is no way a trainer can take the time and help each person individually in a class and not lose the quality of the workout. With that said, if you want to learn some basics, these gyms are the place to be and if you want to get an idea of a fighters life, then you need to show up at these gyms 5 days a week. Does that sound too much? No! That actually sounds like a professional fighter to me.

Will these gyms get me fit?

Look, everything that happens to us is a matter of how much we put into it. I know for a fact, that all the gyms in this list have great workouts for their customers. Frankly, some of the workouts we can do in our very own home, but we don' So if you go 3 times a week and you eat what you are supposed to eat. then yes! You will lose weight and start to see some or all the results. you are looking for.


How much are these gyms?

I can already tell you that these gyms will be more than your big box gym, but it is well worth it. The memberships are between $59 to $99. Some of you guys are already thinking, "Well, that's too much." Man, shut up!! You probably eat out every day and spend money over the weekend in alcohol at the clubs or bars!! lol. You got the money. Your priorities are somewhere else! Let's be real about it...

It's up to you where your priorities are. But just keep in mind that you are getting group classes that burn 600 to 1000 calories per workout. Not bad. I run 3 miles at a moderate pace and only burn 400 calories.

What if I want a fighting gyms?

Fighting gyms are a little hard to find because these franchises have done an awesome job marketing themselves all over the internet. But I am sure with a little extra digging, you will find them. When you do find a gym, be diligent and find out what you can about the trainers, members, fighters and whatever other information you can get.

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Well, I hope this short post helped you guys out because I know we are going to pig out on Christmas dinner and some of us might get a little funny for the new So, let's stay on top of it and make 2018 our year!

Take care and talk to you soon.



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  • “Man, shut up!! You probably eat out every day and spend money over the weekend in alcohol at the clubs or bars!!” Bahahaha SO true!! I started off paying $59 a month thinking it was too much and now I’m addicted and pay more than double that for personal training without batting an eye! It’s so worth it.

    Mary on

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