Instant gratification is ruining our chances for success


I remember a few months ago where I heard an interview on the Lewis Howes Podcast (The School of Greatness) where he had on John Taffer.  


John Taffer is the star of the hit show Bar Rescue.  John Taffer is known in the industry of being one of the best or maybe "The Best" consultant in the bar and restaurant industry.  Before he was on the podcast, I was already a fan of his loud personality demanding changes and improvements in a bar or restaurants he is trying to help.  

During the interview, Lewis Howes and John Taffer talk about life, business, and the bar and restaurant industry.  Throughout the hour-long interview, John Taffer mentioned something profound about people achieving success.  

He mentions that our generation is experiencing something that no other generation has ever experienced before:

The instant gratification of social media.  I do not remember the exact words he used, but allow me to paraphrase.   

"Because social media gives us instant gratification whenever we post a picture of ourselves or something going on in our lives; in under a minute we get hundreds or maybe even thousands of likes and comments on that one post.  So it feels good that we get that attention in such a short amount of time, with hardly any effort at all.    

The consequence of that action is that it trains us to believe, that any little effort like posting a picture or a video is enough to get attention.  

But when we apply any sort of effort outside the world of social media, and we do not see any results.  We quit or we give up because the results are not happening as quickly as we are used to having..."

It doesn't help either when we get constant adds on social media about how we can get rich in a few months or maybe a year.  

So the question is: 

 Is all these social media that we are doing helping us cultivate a mindset of success or is it destroying our ability to endure situations that we're not comfortable in?  

Keep in mind, that the most successful companies out there today took them at least 10 years to be established, relevant, and maybe even just debt-free.  

So you might be wondering, "thanks DeMarco for letting me know that I spend too much time on social media and cultivating a bad habit for my success, but what do I do to cultivate a better habit for success?  

Do some DIY projects:

Build a
Build a blog:  


Build your online store or a personal blog of your favorite hobby.

Restore andold car
Write a book
Go on a diet and change your body
Create some jewelry and sell them.  

Keep in mind, not all projects that you invest in will be hit the first time around.  But the point is to get used of the work and process.  

And when you build it and you have it ready to show the world, there is a chance that people will not notice it the first time, or the second, third and maybe not even the fourth time.  But as long as you keep pushing forward and showing up to the plate to bat, eventually people will know who you are because you keep showing

Don't sweat the small stuff and focus on the bigger picture, yes it will get frustrating and annoying, but if it wasn't, then we would see more successful people out there.  

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