How to prepare yourself for your first boxing or kickboxing class


So, you decided that you wanted to upgrade your workouts because you are no longer interested nor are you motivated in the big box gyms like Gold's Gym, Planet fitness, Fitness connection, etc. 


Instead, you feel like you want to step up your game and join a boxing or kickboxing gym.  


If you have never done it before, let me be the first to tell you, that it is a lot of fun and you will not regret going.  


BUT……. You will have some challenges on your first day of class.  


In this article, I will share with you 10 things you need to know before your first boxing or kickboxing class.  


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The whole reason for starting Simpemitts was because working in the boxing gyms, people would always ask me: 


What gloves should I buy?

what weight and brand should I get?  

Where should I buy them and what do you use or recommend?


I can't even count how many times I have been asked those questions; and frankly, I can understand their frustrations in looking for a pair of boxing gloves.  So, I decided to take inventory of what I know about boxing, kickboxing, and MMA and decided to build an online store and call it Simplemitts.  


Simplemitts was created with you (the customer in mind). Every day, I am looking for ways to make the site easier to use and as painless as possible to shop for a pair of boxing gloves.  


On to the post.  Here you are the 10 things you need to know before your boxing or kickboxing class.    


1)  You will make friends: You will not believe it, but when you walk into a boxing or kickboxing class, you will notice that a lot of the members are just like you.


There is a pretty good chance that you will find a few things in common with the people you will meet in the gym. For example, some are there because:


  • Regular gyms are boring. 
  • They need extra motivation in working out, so that is why they are there. 
  • They like boxing workouts.
  • Also, you will be surprised to learn that a lot of those members have never done boxing or kickboxing before. 


2) BYOG (Bring your own gloves):  If you signed up for a boxing gym for the first time; there is a good chance that you do not own a pair of gloves. Don't sweat it! (literally) haha


A lot of these gyms offer rental gloves from $2 to $10; and frankly, you are paying for your hands to smell. lol. Eventually, the cost of renting a pair of boxing gloves will add up and it makes sense to buy your own pair.  


If you have decent boxing gloves laying around the house, then definitely bring them!!


("If you have any doubts of the gloves laying around the house, then you can always email me @ DEMARCO@SIMPLEMITTS.COM.") 


If you have never bought boxing gloves before and have no idea how to shop for gloves, then check out my selection of gloves that I like to call FITNESS BOXING ENTHUSIASTS (FBE GLOVES)


The FBE Gloves are great for beginners who are looking for "stink free" and one hundred percent ownership of their very first gloves 😉


I make it super easy to shop for your first boxing gloves.

3 easy steps:

1) Choose your style
2) Choose your size
3) Check out and pay




3) Boxing Wraps: True boxing gyms make this a "requirement' to have your own boxing wraps. So, the front desk will give you 2 options…


You either have the option to buy your own wraps at the gym (If they have any for sale.), or you can simply workout without them.


("The boxing wraps help protect your hands and wrist from being injured while punching. It is not a bad investment to protect yourself from injury. You can either pay $10 for a pair of wraps or a couple hundred bucks for an injured hand.")


If you would like some boxing wraps to go along with your gloves, Check them out some options here. 





Also, If you are unsure how to wrap your own hands, at SIMPLEMITTS.COM, I offer "Speed wraps." Speed wraps are like the boxing wraps except you do not have to spend the extra 5 to 10 minutes wrapping your hands.





4) Clothing:  Any workout clothing should be fine. Remember, it is a cardio workout, so if you can wear layers as you are working out, go for it so that you can lose more weight.  


"Before you do that, consult with a professional if your body can handle the extra heat."


5) Shoes: Like clothing, athletic walking/running shoes are great for working out. Boxing shoes are not needed in these classroom settings. 



If you are going to the following gyms listed below, then I can "guarantee you", that you will NOT need boxing shoes for their classes:


Title Boxing

CKO boxing



9 rounds

and any other non-contact gyms



5) No black eye: Just so you know, no one on your first day will put you in a ring to fight someone else. What’s even more unlikely is that no one is out there to give you a black


Bad for business!!


If they do, just let me know and I will have a word with them. 😉 


6) You don't have to be in shape to get in shape: Yes, the classes will be hard, but we have to do it anyway.  Just remember this quote that I have printed on the back of my business card. 



"You may not be great when you start, however, you have to start to BE GREAT.”



7) Technique: Chances are, you will feel overwhelmed with all the workouts and different combinations in that class. 


"Don't worry about it!" Have fun and enjoy the workout!


All the skills and techniques that will frustrate you on your very first day, I promise you will get in the following months. 


8) Drink lots of water: Before you go to class, make sure you have drunk enough water throughout the day. Boxing and kickboxing classes are high output cardio classes, therefore, you need to make sure that you are hydrated before, during and after class. 


9) Food before class: It is ideal for any workout to eat as little as possible before you head to the gym. Especially in a boxing and kickboxing class.


I have seen men and women throw up in the middle of class because they decided to have Chinese food before the




Working out on an empty stomach helps burn more fat anyway.  


10) Pace yourself: Being that this is your first class, it is vital that you listen to your body. I have seen people with amazing bodies have a hard time keeping up with class. 


In their minds, they are thinking, "I can do this, I workout every day, I bench press 400 pounds, I run 3 miles a day, etc.."


It doesn't matter!!


When you jump into a new routine or a new workout, your body is in shock. Therefore, your body is working extra hard to keep up.  So, just pace yourself and have fun. Your body will eventually get used to the workout out. 


Well, I hope this little article has prepared you for your first boxing or kickboxing class.  If you keep these 10 things in mind. You will do a lot better than the person going 100 percent on their first day.  


Now you have an insiders look on how to successfully survive your first day of boxing or kickboxing.  




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  • I wish I had read this before my first boxing class all of it is so true! I had never heard of boxing as a fitness activity and had no idea I would need my own gloves (I actually didn’t even know there would be heavy bags involved I thought it was a class where a teacher stands at the front and everyone faces the mirror and you do different boxing moves lol). I also really relate to the one about not having to be in shape to start. I had never worked out continuously and always found group classes to be too hard until I started boxing. Boxing is at your own pace you don’t have to keep up with an instructor and the best part is everyone is so focused on their own bag you don’t feel like people are watching you. One thing I would add is that wrapping my hands was intimidating in the beginning but get there early and the instructor will do it every time for you if you need! Thanks for a great article Simplemitts.

    Mary on

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