Last day of the week, Friday!  Your body is sore from coming to the gym every single day this week so far.

Same time...same place. 

You wabble into the gym to find an empty seat.  You proceed to
put your bag down and sit right next to it.  For a second you think to yourself,"Why on earth am I doing this to myself?"  Then you immediately remind yourself that,"Boxing and Kickboxing is my outlet.  Without it, I would have to go back to taking anxiety pills, spending hundreds of dollars on therapy sessions on why I can't control my emotions."

You look around the gym and you see men and women covered in sweat hitting punching bags, boxing mitts,  and even each other.  But yet, for some odd reason, you find comfort knowing the fact you are about to go through a hell of a time for the next hour or hour and a half.   

Why?  Because you know once the class is over, you are going to say to yourself, "I am so glad that  I came today!"

A smile comes across your face and you take out your phone to make sure it is turned off because you do not want to be disturbed in your "Me time."

You open your gym bag to put your phone inside and this horrible dragon breath foul smell comes out of your gym bag. 

For a moment, you think to yourself, "Did I leave food in here from last night or did some small animal crawl in here and die?"  

You proceed to investigate the smell and take everything out of your gym bag, knowing full well what's inside already.  

2 pairs of boxing wraps 
1 pair of boxing gloves 

The bag is empty and you inspect it some more.  

No food and no dead animal. 

Then you look down at your gear and the smell is now coming from something you just removed from your bag.  

It's the gloves!!!

You pick up the gloves. and take a tentative whiff and yup!  Sure enough, your boxing gloves is "the dead animal" in your gym bag.  

You have been so busy this week with work, family, working out, and paying bills that you have forgotten to clean and air dry your boxing gloves after your workout.  

Sure you can try to clean them real quick before class, but it won't help with the smell, and there is a 100% guarantee that your hands will smell awful after class..lol

You better not eat with your hands...lol

How many times has this happened to you?  For me, this used to happen quite often until I got better at cleaning my gloves after class.   

But when you forget to do it, it super annoying because now you have to train for a full hour with "stank gloves."

That is why I LOVEEEE boxing gloves you can easily wash in the washing machine.  Yeah, you heard me.  

There are actually boxing gloves that you can buy, use them at the gym and wash them in the washing machine with your other dirty gym clothes.  

The TITLE ELEMENT WASHABLE BAG GLOVESare a great remedy for that.  

What I like about these gloves, is that they do not feel cheap and you can tell with the padding and stitching, it is a well-made boxing glove.  

For me, this is ideal, because all I have to do when I get home is throw my sweaty clothes from the day with the TITLEELEMENTWASHABLE BAG GLOVESin the washing machine before I take a shower and that's it!

I highly recommend that you air dry the boxing gloves for better results, however, they are by far the easiest and low maintenance gloves I have ever used.  

These bad boys come in RED and PURPLE and the sizes start from small to extra large.   If you have any questions on which is your size, you can email me at DEMARCO@SIMPLEMITTS.COM

Snag yours today and be free of the stinky hands.  


Owner, Trainer and your friend 

Need cheap gloves, that are good quality?  Then check out the beginner gloves that I hand-selected for the newbies.

Just joined a boxing or kickboxing gym and you need the bare essentials to get started?  Check out SIMPLEMITTS STARTER KITS.  In each SIMPLEMITTS Kit, you will get at least a pair of boxing gloves, bowing wraps, and a jump rope.  

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