Yesterday in the POWER UP MONDAY, I shared a story about Amanda Serrano who won her 6th title in boxing.  For you folks out there, who are not versed in the boxing world, let me just tell you that she just made history in the world of boxing.  

At the moment, Amanda Serrano is the current 118, 122,126, 130, 135, and the 140 champion in all those weight classes.  meaning, if you fall in any of those 6 weight classes, you have to go through Amanda Serrano for the belt.  

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Whether people realize it or not, Amanda Serrano has opened the door for more women fighters to accomplish the same goal.  And in a few years (not taking any credit from Amanda) it will be a norm for women winning more world titles.  

How do I know this?  How can I possibly predict the future, that more women will win more world titles in the coming years?

Because it has happened before.  Let me explain with two examples.  

First example:


Roger Bannister:

Before 1954, people believed that the human body could not run a mile under 4 minutes.  That was the universal belief around the world during that time in the local high schools, colleges, and even the Olympics.  

Then along came this skinny long-distance runner from England named Roger Bannister, who changed the world forever.  In 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile by finishing with a time of  3:59.4.  Then guess what happened after Roger Bannister broke that record?  

First:  Since 1954, thousands of runners (Including high school students) have broken the 4-minute mile.  Not to say that it's an easy task to run a mile in under 4 minutes, but knowing the fact that someone else has already done it before makes it a little bit easier now.  

Second:  The new record of the fastest mile is now 3:43.13 set by Morocco's Hicham El Guerrouj in 1999.  Back in 1952, breaking the 4-minute mile meant you were as fast as supermen, but now among world-class runners, it seems that it is expected of you to run a mile in under a 4 minutes. 

Second example:

Conor Mcgregor:

How can you not know this He is by far one of the most popular athletes in the world.  But did you know...

When Conor Mcgregor had his first championship fight against one of the best featherweights in the world, his opponent (José Aldo) had not lost a fight in 10 years!!

The MMA world was shocked when Conor Mcgregor beat José Aldo in just 13 seconds into the fight via TKO.  Crazy that a 10-year rain was gone just like that with a punch. 

After that loss with Conor Mcgregor, José Aldo had 4 fights.  Of those 4 fights, he only won 2 of them.  Those two fighters who beat José Aldo knew that it was possible to win because they have seen done before.  

Conor Mcgregor broke the limation of José Aldo of being unstoppable and therefore, more and more fighters are stepping up to fight José Aldo.  Granted, he is not a walk in the park because he just won his last fight in July, so hopefully, we can see a Conor and Aldo 2. ;)  

("The example above is to illustrate a point.  By no means is José Aldo a bad fighter or washed up.  You can look at his record and see the list of killers that he had to fight over the years.  Sometimes, you just get caught and that's the way the fight game is.  I have nothing but RESPECT for José Aldo.  He is a great ambassador of the sport and from what I read and hear from his interviews, he seems like an awesome guy that I would love to meet one day.")

After winning the belt from Jose Aldo, Conor Mcgregor had another fight with the lightweight champ Eddie Alverez (Conor had to step up 10 pounds above his weight class to fight Eddie).  Eddie Alverez has won a championship belt in EVERY SINGLE organization that he has fought in.   "Including the UFC"

Guess what happened?   

Conor Mcgregor won by TKO in 3 minutes into the first round and; for the first time in the UFC history.  Conor became the first DOUBLE CHAMPION.  The featherweight and the lightweight champion.  

Then guess what happened....?

2 years later, another fighter became champion in 2 different weight classes.  Daniel Cormier who is the light heavyweight and recently heavyweight champion of the UFC.  

The point is when we see someone break the limits or the boundaries of what we think is impossible, all of a sudden we believe its possible now.  

I am not sure who said this quote, but it is frighteningly true and relevant to this post. 

"The only limitation we have are the ones that we set on ourselves."

I personally have some limitation that I am trying to break (and I will break them) and knowing that other people have done it before, It gives me confidence that I can do it too ;)

Do you guys have any limitations that you are trying to break?
If you do, I would love to hear them and maybe we can create a SIMPLEMITTS breaking limits type of

Well, Hope you guys have an awesome day and don't forget to break them limits!


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  • I have limitations that I’ve put on myself for sure. Just things that I’ve never been able to do like a pull up and thinking to myself I’ll never be able to do one so why train for it? And that kind of thing. I love the examples of society putting limitations on people I never thought of that.

    Mary on

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