Did John Jones cheat?!




I am sure you have heard by now that the current UFC light heavyweight champion John "Bones" Jones has been flagged by USADA for failing a drug test.

As I am writing this post, (8/25/17) the verdict is still out on John Jones. I think USADA already has the results. However, USADA and the UFC would like to wait after this weekend to announce the results.

This would be considered his second offense with USADA. If found guilty, he could be suspended for FOUR YEARS!!!

The whole world of combat sports is blown away at this, and people cannot believe that John Jones would actually take something that would flag him as a cheater. A little over two weeks ago, he regained his title back from his nemeses Daniel Comier in the 2nd round with kicks and punches. It was an emotional night for both the winner and the loser of the fight.

Me as a fan, I was also invested in the fight because I do admire both fighters a great deal for their competitive spirits and work ethics. Up until a few days ago, people were content, happy and overjoyed that John Jones came back as the champ to claim his rightful throne as the undisputed UFC light heavyweight king.

Hearing the news about John Jones, I think everyone is an agreement that we want those allegations to be false, or at least a mistake. Either way, there has to be better ways to give us an edge with our taking performance enhancers....


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In the meantime, I hope John Jones legacy is not ruined and will come out on top and innocent. He's one of the best fighters to ever enter the sport, and to a lot of people's eyes, he may be TBE (The Best Ever.)

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