Hey guys, hope all of you are doing well. It is crazy to think that Thanksgiving is almost here and before we know it, 2018 is upon us Let's not wait till 2018 to start on our new diet, goals or whatever self-improvements you have in store for yourself. Let's start TODAY!!!!

Today, I have another product review for you guys:  TITLE INFUSED FOAM NEUROTIC BOXING GLOVES.  You can buy them: CLICK TO BUY

These bad boys come in 4 different colors. Orange, Green, yellow and red. At the moment, I have access to the green because I LOVE GREEN!!!! haha

Spoiler alert!!!

These gloves are not recommended for individuals who are looking to do sparring sessions. If you are looking for those types of gloves, then please check out my collection of gloves called FBCHAMPS. you can view sparring and competitive gloves HERE. 

If you just signed up for a gym that offers boxing and kickboxing classes, then congratulations to you!! I promise you if you keep going and stick with it. Your confidence and your body will thank you for it!

Tne most common question I get right after someone signs up is, "What type of gloves should I buy and where can I buy them?" If I was working at that particular gym at that time you signed up. I was forced to sell their inventory of gloves to you. No matter what my opinions were of those gloves, I had to offer them. For that very questions, is why I started SIMPLEMITTS.COM.

Truth be told, there are options. So let's let's start with TITLE INFUSED FOAM NEUROTIC BOXING GLOVES. (That's a crazy name for a boxing

The first thing you do not want to do is spend too much money on a hobby that you just started. So, let's start with a good pair of gloves, that are good quality, but most importantly, will not break the bank.

First of all the TITLE INFUSED FOAM NEUROTIC BOXING is made for both men and women. These gloves come in 4 different sizes. They come in 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz.

Check out my article on, what size are you for boxing gloves?

The pattern that's on the gloves is printed. So if you run your fingers over the gloves, you won't feel any embroidered on the design. Which I think it's good because overtime you won't see any breakage on the outside of the gloves.


When you turn the glove over to look at your palm (gloves inserted.). You would notice that the gloves have a small net-like ventilation for your hands. This is good for two reasons.

1) It gives your hands ventilation when you're working ou. As you workout, you will notice that your hands will get hot and sweaty. having some ventilation helps cool them down. (Please keep in mind, these gloves will not "totally prevent" your hands from getting hot and sweaty, but it does give your hands a breather.)

2) They will not smell as bad as other gloves. The vents will prolong the gloves of smelling like gym socks. When you come across complete insulated gloves they tend to smell bad a lot quicker because there's no ventilation in them. Therefore, you need to always clean and ait them out. Please keep in mind, it does mean you can neglect from cleaning your


Another great reason why the TITLE INFUSED FOAM NEUROTIC BOXING GLOVES is great because they are easy to put on. I did a review on another pair of gloves WATCH VIDEO and the only grip we had about those gloves, were that you needed help putting them on.
With TITLE INFUSED FOAM NEUROTIC BOXING GLOVES, there is no need to ask for help and putting them on.


"This is probably the most important part of the glove
(Please note, that it is not enough just to have a well-padded glove, it is also important to have good technique as well.")

These gloves are great for someone who is just starting out in the sport. The padding on this is all around the glove. You always want to make sure that your knuckles, your thumb, and your wrist are well supported when you are buying gloves. for a beginner or someone who is about to enter the intermediate realm, this is a great fit


The price is fair for this quality of glove. I know you are probably thinking that you could find something cheaper on the Internet or at your local sporting goods store. And you may find one for maybe $10-$15 cheaper. But I guarantee it won't be this glove and I guarantee it will not have the same amount of padding. You need to understand that if you're going to participate in a hobby like boxing and kickboxing you cannot compromise on quality.

Let's be nerdy and break down the cost of this glove.

The gloves cost $49.99. You just signed up for 6 months at your local kickboxing gym, and you decided to go 3 times a week. So, that is 12 classes a month. 12 classes times 6 months, equal to 72 kickboxing classes.

72 X $49.99 = $1.45 per use.

$1.45 for every time you attend a kickboxing class with a good quality padded glove.

The Catagory

On SIMPLEMITTS.COM, I have divided the gloves into three categories to make it easier for anyone to shop for boxing gloves.

FBE (Fitness Boxing Enthusiasts). Beginner
FBC (FItness Boxing Contender) Intermediate
FBCHAMP (Fitness Boxing Champs). Advance

See full article HERE 

For the price and purpose of these gloves, I will place them in the FBE Catagory!

Well, much appreciated for the time and reading this review please let me know if you agree, disagree or have any emotional outburst because I would love to hear!!




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